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Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren Oppose the Recall of Judge Aaron Persky
"As we choose candidates for the U.S. Senate, Governor, Congress, state and local offices this June 5th, voters in Santa Clara County are faced with the question of whether to recall Judge Aaron Persky. The answer is No."

Civil rights leader and retired Judge LaDoris Cordell:

“Judicial recalls over a single judicial ruling threaten our independent judiciary and set a dangerous precedent. Recalls should be reserved for judges who have a pattern of bias or misconduct. Judge Persky has neither.”

Judge Aaron Persky Cleared of Misconduct
- NBC Bay Area, December 19, 2016

California’s official judicial ethics commission investigated Judge Persky’s sentence in the Brock Turner case and rejected claims of bias, finding instead that he followed both the law and the Santa Clara County Probation Department’s recommendation.

The Associated Press reported that Persky's other rulings showed no racial bias.

The Santa Clara Bar Association stated that it was "not aware of any other complaints or allegations of impropriety against Judge Persky during his 13 years on the bench."

District attorney endorses judge facing recall
Palo Alto Online, April 10, 2017

Even Santa Clara County’s chief prosecutor, whose office prosecuted Brock Turner, opposes this misguided recall. Judge Persky is a longtime respected judge, former prosecutor and battered women’s advocate who was awarded a Civil Rights Leadership Award for his work on hate crimes. Join the growing list of community leaders who support Judge Persky.

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The case against the recall of Judge Persky -
Editorial: San Francisco Chronicle

Retired Judge LaDoris Cordell

Retired Judge
LaDoris Cordell

Listen to why I oppose this Recall.

Listen to retired Judge
LaDoris Cordell's Audio Message

Former Santa Clara County Counsel Ann Ravel

Former Santa Clara County Counsel
Ann Ravel

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Partial endorsements list. All titles and affiliations are for identification purposes only.

Santa Clara County District Attorney 
Jeff Rosen 
Santa Clara County Public Defender 
Molly O'Neal 
Santa Clara County Assessor 
Larry Stone 
Former California State Assemblymember and San Mateo County Supervisor 
Richard Gordon 
Former Santa Clara County Counsel 
Ann Ravel 
Former San Jose Mayor 
Susan Hammer 
Former San Jose Mayor
Chuck Reed
Former Los Altos Mayor 
Jim Thurber 
Former Los Altos Hills Mayor and Current Councilmember 
Courtenay Corrigan 
Former Palo Alto Mayor 
Judith Kleinberg 
Former Palo Alto Mayor 
Larry Klein 
Former United States District Court Judge 
Hon. Nancy Gertner (Ret.) 
Former United States Bankruptcy Judge
Hon. Arthur Weissbrodt (Ret.)
Former Santa Clara County Superior Court Commissioner
Hon. Edward Mills (Ret.)

Presiding Justices, Court of Appeal

Presiding Justice Arthur Gilbert 
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal
Presiding Justice J. Anthony Kline
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal
Presiding Justice Frances Rothschild
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal

Judge Persky “Cleared of Misconduct”

Law School Deans

Erwin Chemerinsky 
Dean and Law Professor, Berkeley Law (Formerly Boalt Hall) 
Jesse Choper 
Former Dean and Law Professor, Berkeley Law (Formerly Boalt Hall) 
Donald Polden
Former Dean and Law Professor, Santa Clara University School of Law
Gerald Uelmen 
Former Dean and Law Professor, Santa Clara University School of Law

“Recalling the judge is a very bad idea”
– Scott Herhold,
San Jose Mercury News

Retired California Supreme Court Justices

Justice Marvin R. Baxter (Ret.) 
Former California Supreme Court Associate Justice 
Justice Joseph Grodin (Ret.) 
Former California Supreme Court Associate Justice, UC Hastings Law Professor Emeritus 
Justice Carlos R. Moreno (Ret.) 
Former California Supreme Court Associate Justice 
Justice Edward Panelli (Ret.) 
Former California Supreme Court Associate Justice 
Justice Cruz Reynoso (Ret.) 
Former California Supreme Court Associate Justice, UC Davis Law Professor Emeritus

Law School Professors

Robert Calhoun 
Golden Gate University Law Professor (Ret.) 
Robert Fellmeth 
University of San Diego Law Professor 
William Gould, IV 
Stanford Law Professor, Emeritus 
Lynne Henderson
Law Professor, Emerita
Tim Iglesias 
University of San Francisco Law Professor 
Ellen Kreitzberg
Santa Clara University Law Professor
David Levine 
UC Hastings Law Professor Emeritus 
Richard Pedersen
Lincoln Law School Law Professor
Margaret Russell 
Santa Clara University Law Professor 
Susan Rutberg 
Golden State University Law Professor (Ret.) 
Maimon Schwarzschild 
University of San Diego Law Professor 
Elisabeth Semel 
Law Professor 
Steven Shatz 
University of San Francisco Law Professor Emeritus 
David Sklansky 
Stanford Law Professor, Faculty Co-Director, Stanford Criminal Justice Center (SCJC)

Associate Justices, Court of Appeal

Justice Victoria Chaney 
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Madeleine Flier 
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Elwood Lui 
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Stuart Pollak 
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal

Former District Attorneys of Santa Clara County

Hon. Dolores Carr (Ret.) 
Former District Attorney of Santa Clara County 
George Kennedy 
Former District Attorney of Santa Clara County

Retired Justices, Court of Appeal

Justice J. Clinton Peterson (Ret.) 
Former Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Barton Gaut (Ret.) 
Former Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Earl Johnson, Jr. (Ret.) 
Former Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Fred Morrison (Ret.) 
Former Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice William Rylaarsdam (Ret.) 
Former Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Sheila Sonenshine (Ret.) 
Former Associate Justice, Court of Appeal 
Justice Howard Wiener (Ret.) 
Former Associate Justice, Court of Appeal

Community Leaders and Supporters

Jan Baszucki
Daniel Becker
Jennifer Benson
Princia Benson
Cyndi Spindell Berck
Mark Borowsky, MD
Todd Bridges
Joan Brodovsky
Andrew Cohen
Robert Downing
Beth Eyerman
Judy Faltz
Françoise Fielding
Mike Fox, Sr.
Damian Garcia
Jacqueline Geist
Sandra Gifford
Reid Greenberg
James Hall
Toni Halliwell
Larry Horton
Michael Hu
Paul Ingmundson
Paul Jensen
Mitch Klinger
Hiromi Kuehberger
Sarah Kuehberger
Jill Lageman
Alan Lambert
Kate Latham
Ivan Light
Greg Loy
Angela Lynch
Emily O'Connell
Carol Maibach
James Manganello
Harry Mason
Carl McGrew
Paul Minnich
Chris Moore
Sascha Mornell
Ronald Nahas
James Newman
Rose Rojas
Glenn Rennels
Peter Ross
Darcy Salas
Daniel Seligson
John Schorsch, MD
Gerald Shefren
Phyllis Sherlock
Steven Silva
Josh Smith
Steven Sodos
Emy Thurber
Richard Tingey
H. A. Tucher
Anna Vinogradoff
Robert Ward
Saul Wasserman, MD
Curt Weil
Mickie Winkler, Former Mayor of Menlo Park
Ze'ev Wurman
Hadassah Wurman
Diana Yu

California Superior Court Judges

Hon. David Abbott
Hon. John Adams
Hon. Verna Adams
Hon. Javier Alcala
Hon. Julia Alloggiamento
Hon. Robert Altman (Ret.)
Hon. Read Ambler (Ret.), Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Thomas Anderson
Hon. Mary Arand
Hon. Jacqueline Arroyo
Hon. Paul A. Bacigalupo
Hon. Julian Bailey
Hon. Kenneth Barnum
Hon. Thang Nguyen Barrett
Hon. William Barry
Hon. Paul Beeman, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Helen Bendix
Hon. Stephen Benson
Hon. Peter Berger (Ret.)
Hon. Paul Bernal
Hon. Susan Bernardini (Ret.)
Hon. George Bird, Jr.
Hon. Arthur Bocanegra
Hon. Franklin Bondonno
Hon. Griffin Bonini
Hon. Terry Bork
Hon. Todd Bottke, Presiding Judge and Past President of the California Judges Association
Hon. Christopher Bowen
Hon. Robert Boyd
Hon. Steven Brick (Ret.)
Hon. Gilbert Brown (Ret.)
Hon. Shelyna Brown
Hon. William Brown (Ret.)
Hon. Daniel Buckley, Presiding Judge
Hon. Paul Burdick, Assistant Presiding Judge
Hon. Peter Busch
Hon. Neal Cabrinha (Ret.)
Hon. Dolores Carr (Ret.)
Hon. David Cena
Hon. Ellen Chaitin (Ret.)
Hon. Bruce Chan
Hon. Roy Chernus
Hon. Hilary Chittick
Hon. Danny Chou
Hon. L. Michael Clark
Hon. Paul Colin
Hon. Julie Conger (Ret.)
Hon. Jaime Corral (Ret.)
Hon. Charles Crandall, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Clifford Cretan
Hon. Kevin Culhane, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Ray Cunningham (Ret.)
Hon. Stephen Cunnison (Ret.)
Hon. Allison Danner
Hon. Elliot Daum
Hon. Raymond Davilla, Jr. (Ret.)
Hon. Cindy Davis
Hon. Marta Diaz
Hon. Jacqueline Duong
Hon. Steve Dylina
Hon. Leonard Edwards (Ret.), Former Presiding Judge
Hon. William Elfving
Hon. Harry Elias
Hon. Julie Emede
Hon. William Fahey
Hon. John Flaherty (Ret.), Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Andrea Flint
Hon. Robert Foley (Ret.)
Hon. William Follett
Hon. Mark Forcum, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Jose Franco
Hon. Robert Freedman (Ret.)
Hon. Haley Fromholz (Ret.)
Hon. Janet Gaard, Presiding Judge
Hon. John Gallagher
Hon. John Garibaldi (Ret.)
Hon. Eric Geffon
Hon. Charles Gill
Hon. Nazario Gonzales (Ret.)
Hon. Barry Goode
Hon. John Grandsaert
Hon. Mary Greenwood
Hon. Thomas Griego
Hon. Evelio Grillo
Hon. Michael Groch
Hon. Ina Gyemant (Ret.)
Hon. Charles Haines
Hon. William Hamlin
Hon. Allan Hardcastle
Hon. Matthew Harris
Hon. Thomas Hastings (Ret.)
Hon. Douglas Hatchimonji
Hon. Charles Hayden (Ret.)
Hon. David Herriford
Hon. Mark Hood, Presiding Judge
Hon. Geoffrey Howard
Hon. Joseph Huber
Hon. Derek Hunt
Hon. Eugene Hyman (Ret.)
Hon. Garry Ichikawa
Hon. Jerald Infantino (Ret.)
Hon. Nahal Iravani-Sani
Hon. James Jackman (Ret.)
Hon. Teri Jackson, Presiding Judge
Hon. Samantha Jessner
Hon. James Kaddo
Hon. Harold Kahn
Hon. Jon Karesh
Hon. Marc Kelly
Hon. Peter Kirwan
Hon. James Kleinberg (Ret.)
Hon. Nona Klippen
Hon. Jack Komar (Ret.), Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Quentin Kopp (Ret.)
Hon. Barbara Kronlund
Hon. Sunil Kulkarni
Hon. Dennis Landin
Hon. Edward Lee
Hon. Mary Jo Levinger (Ret.)
Hon. Cynthia Lie
Hon. Ronald Lisk (Ret.)
Hon. Linda Lofthus, Assistant Presiding Judge
Hon. Richard Loftus, Jr. (Ret.), Former Presiding Judge
Hon. David Long (Ret.)
Hon. Patricia Lucas, Presiding Judge
Hon. Katherine Lucero
Hon. Jackson Lucky
Hon. William MacLaughlin
Hon. Patrick Madden
Hon. Katherine Mader
Hon. Ruston Maino
Hon. Jack Mandel (Ret.)
Hon. Stephen Manley
Hon. Socrates Manoukian
Hon. Laura Masunaga, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Michael Mattice
Hon. Linda McFadden
Hon. John McInerny (Ret.)
Hon. Sandra McKeith (Ret.)
Hon. Kevin McKenney (Ret.)
Hon. John Meyer
Hon. Patrick Meyers
Hon. Franz Miller
Hon. Cheryl Mills
Hon. James Mize, Former Presiding Judge and Past President of the California Judges Association
Hon. Terri Mockler
Hon. Anthony Mohr
Hon. William J. Monahan
Hon. Mark Mooney
Hon. Hugh Mullin III (Ret.)
Hon. Jerome Nadler (Ret.)
Hon. Michael Nash (Ret.)
Hon. Leslie Nichols (Ret.), Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Lawrence Ornell
Hon. Charles Palmer
Hon. Lori Pegg
Hon. Alan Perkins
Hon. James Petrucelli
Hon. Rosemary Pfeiffer (Ret.)
Hon. Rise Pichon, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Mark Pierce
Hon. Lynn Poncin
Hon. Ronald Quidachay
Hon. Hector Ramon
Hon. Stuart Rice, President of the California Judges Association
Hon. Craig Riemer
Hon. Diane Ritchie (Ret.)
Hon. Morton Rochman
Hon. Jeffrey Ross
Hon. David Rubin, Past President of the California Judges Association
Hon. Deborah Ryan, Assistant Presiding Judge
Hon. Philip Saeta (Ret.)
Hon. Robert Schnider (Ret.)
Hon. Shawna Schwarz
Hon. Daphne Scott
Hon. Stuart Scott
Hon. John P. Shook (Ret.)
Hon. Kelly Simmons, Presiding Judge
Hon. Dana Simonds
Hon. Stephanie Sontag
Hon. Andrew Steckler
Hon. John Stewart, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. James Stoelker
Hon. Julianne Sylva
Hon. Drew Takaichi
Hon. Jon Takasugi
Hon. Eric Taylor, Past President of the California Judges Association
Hon. Jamie Thistlethewaite
Hon. Raoul Thorbourne
Hon. Pat Tondreau
Hon. James Towery
Hon. Alison Tucher
Hon. K. C. Twisselman II
Hon. Phillip Urie
Hon. Michael Virga (Ret.), Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Brian Walsh, Former Presiding Judge
Hon. Joan Weber, Past President of the California Judges Association
Hon. Elia Weinbach (Ret.)
Hon. Joshua Weinstein
Hon. Jean Wetenkamp (Ret.)
Hon. Helen Williams
Hon. Thomas Wills
Hon. Peter Wilson
Hon. Charles Wilson, II
Hon. Mark Windham
Hon. Ted Zayner
Hon. Vanessa Zecher


Robert Amparán
Annrae Angel
Mark Arnold
Brendan Barrett
Stanley Bartelmie
Daniel Barton
Nancy Battel
Bradford Baugh
Helen Baumann
Carl Beatty
Mark Becker
Adam Belsky
Jann Besson
Jeremy Blank
Chris Boas
Silvio Borello
Geoffrey Braun
Janet Brewer
Miriam Brody
Nan Bucknell
Jeremy Burns
John Cahners
Amy Carlson
Richard Chernick
Mark Cohen
Bradley Corsiglia
John Coward
Leonard Cravens
David Cross
Jan Cummins
Lee Danforth
Todd Davis
Anthony Delas
Adrienne Dell
Diane De Seve
Michael Desmarais
Gerry Dobbyn
James Dozier
Joseph Dozier
Tracy Duell-Cazes
Jeff Dunn
Shelley Dwyer
James Efting
Ernest Faitos
Elspeth Farmer
Barbara Farnum
Thomas Ferrito
Allen Fleishman
Jill Fox
Patricia Fox
Steven Frank
Jordan Funk
Mark Garver
Zach Georgopoulos
Gary Giannini
Anthony Gibbs
Elizabeth Goodley
Gary Goodman
Louis Goodman
Joseph Greco
Bernard Greenfield
Richard Guggenheim
Steve Hallgrimson
Phil Hammer
Peter Haven
Krista Henneman
Michael Hingle
David Hoffman
Patrick Hoopes
Guyton Jinkerson
Lauren Jones
Rebecca Jones
Kenneth Kamei
Stefan Kennedy
William Kennedy
Sajid Khan
Paul Killion
Neal Kimball
Kathryn Klaus
Gerald Knapton
Richard Konda
Robert Kopelson
George Kraw
Urs Laeuchli
Alan Lagod
Lynne Lampros
Jeffrey Lawson
Jung Le
Sung Lee
Frank Leidman
Mary MacLellan
Walt MacDonald
Diego MacWilliam
James Madden
James Madison
Edward Mahler
Louis Marlin
Carlos Martinez
Daniel Mayfield
Lisa McCamey
Timothy McCollum
Julia McDowell
James McManis
Ronald Meckler
Charles Mesirow
Robert Mezzetti
Edward Mills
Derryl Molina
Michael Moore
Donelle Morgan
Myron Moskovitz
Mondonna Mostofi
Thomas Mueller
Barbara Muller
Ruben Munoz
Ane Murphy
Dennis Murphy
Harpaul Nahal
Steven Nakano
Kyle Neddenriep
Woody Nedom
Jeffrey Nevin
Bruce Nickerson
Samira Nikaein
Roderick O'Connor
Lany Or
Marty O'Toole
Gilda Page
Margaret Patrick
Sylvia Perez MacDonald
Robert Phelps
Sam Polverino
Guerin Provini
Michael Quinlivan
Naresh Rajan
Geoffrey Rawlings
Ron Rayes
Robert Redding
Benjamin Reese
Thomas Reese
Ronald Richards
Stephanie Rickard
Javier Rios
Olga Rodstein
Bonnie Ross
Kathryn Ross
Thomas Rossmeissl
Todd Rothbard
Allen Ruby
Sarah Ruby
Matthew Rudy
Panteha Saban
Edwin Samuels
Gerald Scher
Kathryn Schlepphorst
Richard Schramm
Wesley Schroeder
Charles Schulz
Karyn Sinunu-Towery
Alice Schaffer Smith
Chuck Smith
Scott Sugarman
Victoria Tran Sood
Neville Spadafore
Thomas Spielbauer
Dmitry Stadlin
Peter Stern
Clark Stone
Angela Storey
James Thomson
Michael Thorman
Frank Ubhaus
Patricia Uro-May
Gerald Vanoli
Daniel Vaswani
Kimberly Vawter
Joe Wall
Blair Walsh
James Ward
William Warhurst
Timothy Widman
Benjamin Williams
John Williams
Steven Yarbrough
Tom Youngjohn